About Whisky Apocalypse

An avid drinker makes me sound like a booze hound and I’m not, I enjoy the experience of drinking spirits slowly, maybe an hour per glass, fully exploring a whisky takes time, fine spirits are not to be gulped down in shots.

But none the less I am an avid drinker, collector and probably an investor in spirits, mainly whisky, but I also enjoy Rum, Tequila, Absinthe and odd Gin.

I like to think I have a decent palate and my aim is to share my knowledge with as many people as possible, encouraging people to embrace spirits and expand their horizons.

I have reviewed hundreds of spirits and taste many more from supermarket blends to old and rare Single Malts worth thousands and always offer impartial and fair views.

I don’t do many negative reviews for a reason, taste is subjective and to deride a product just because I don’t get on with it, well, I’ll leave that to the attention seekers.

Any product which I review on this site whether it be from my personal collection, a sample swap or a sample from a distillery will only appear because I’d share it with friends. If I wouldn’t offer you a dram of it, it won’t appear on here.

I also offer advice both online and in person on collecting whisky both for future drinking and investing.

I am happy to advise any licensed premises on what spirits will suit your business.

Feel free to contact me over at the contact page or via my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages.

The Captain.