The Legend of Fiona MacLeod 46.3%

Thirty Three year old Islay Single Malt bottled at 46.3% from the Character of Islay Whisky Company who produce the very reasonable Aerolite Lyndsay 10 Year Old which is absolutely worth both checking and reading about.

Made up names will forever get on my tits but I’ll let that slide for one reason, normally older Islay malts do very little for me, they have lost their edge and cost thousands to boot, when I drink peaty whisky I want those massive notes, I want a bit of fire and edge and I won’t apologise for it.

This though? Well this is something very different indeed.

This doesn’t need water and I don’t feel it helps it, these old whiskies need treated with care so be very gentle.

I received a sample of this as part of the charming little Characters of Islay Pack which I’ll review over the next week or so. It’s important to remember before you rush out and spend the best part of four hundred pounds that I’m only sampling a 3cl bottle and to always take such reviews as they are intended to be, a fun but honest look at what I have in front of me.

Nose. Banana and Pineapple thrown on the barbecue, lemon sherbets that have been set on fire sweet honey and maple syrup smeared gammon that’s been cooked in a pit, the smoke and sweetness is absolutely perfect.

Palate. Take a banana take some toffee add some salt wrap in tin foil and throw it in the embers of a barbecue and come back to it in ten minutes and this is where we are at, but also, you’re dipping it into a lemon sherbet dib dab and you’re sitting outside and there is fire burning all around you, that my friends is what you’re drinking here.

Finish. Aye, magic.

Okay, so there isn’t the burn, and there isn’t, it’s a very easy going smokey dram with lots of flavour, I have tried several older Islay whiskies and found them tepid, boring and the couple I tried which I did like where so expensive I could put a deposit down on a house for the cost of a bottle, this is £400. I have a couple of bottles worth this sort of money and they are proper special occasion bottles, would this sit along with those? Well, maybe, but that’s not really the point because this sort of whisky isn’t aimed at me, it’s a lovely whisky to try but if you are the sort of person who spends proper money on a single bottle, I could think a lot worse than choosing this.

The Captain.

Like my words? You can throw me a few sharpened coins here, up to you.

The Legend of Fiona Macleod - 33 Year Old - The Character of Islay Whisky Company - bottle

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