The Lakes, Whisky Makers Reserve 3rd Edition 54%

Jeezo, an actual review, a rare thing indeed these days but sometimes something thuds through the cat flap (my postie just uses the cat flap because he can’t be arsed waiting for thirty seconds for me to get to the door, I’m on my third cat flap because of this arsehole) that I really enjoy, is reasonably priced and actually worth shouting about.

The Whisky Makers Reserve series has been excellent so far, my only complaint is that it sells out so fast, it appears there are a few more of these being put out so you might still find a bottle but I’m sure you’ll see them at auction soon.

Let’s do all the checks first.

Natural colour, check.

Un chill filtered, check.

High ABV, check.

Not mental price, check.

So that’s a good start, I think the sixty pound or thereabouts mark is fair enough for a big ABV whisky even if it is youngish whisky.

Matured in PX, Oloroso, Cream Sherry (yes, really) and red wine casks if you’re interested, I’d suggest they are using decent casks too, actual sherry casks rather than seasoned casks and with these young whiskies I think proper cask management is key so that the casks compliment the distillate, but that’s just my opinion.

This needs some time in the glass, a drop of water and half an hour to sit, really opens up and relaxes.

Shall we?

Nose. Rich sherry, touch of the Spanish Brandy about it, spicy and sweet with wood notes and some tablet or fudge once it settles down.

Palate. The sherry and tablet are real, fig rolls, dark chocolate and a little bit of salted caramel.

Finish. Decent, leaves that Spanish Brandy and toffee feel in the mouth for ever, so that’s a bonus.

If you like Sherry Cask whiskies on the sweeter side then this is the dram for you, I got a sample of this and was bought a bottle by a friend just to make things clear.

As an aside, The Lakes are now top of the tree for me when it comes to new whiskies, they now have a decent range and after their well documented errors (errors in my opinion) they have settled and if you are buying English Whisky then I’d make this your first port of call.

The Captain.

TheWhiskymakersReserveNo3_bottle&box (2)

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