Rampur Select 43%

I like Indian whisky, I’ve yet to try a made for the Western market Indian Whisky I’ve not got on with, I make the distinction because I have tried an Indian whisky made for the home market which was proper battery acid with e150 colouring and it was fucking awful and cost about 10p a bottle, anyway, the stuff we get to drink is all pretty much ace.

Rampur Select is a non chill filtered Single Malt using Copper Pot Stills and then bottled at 43%

There’s a thing about Indian whisky, much like American which is that because of the environment the spirit is maturing in, hot as fuck, then it matures much quicker, the heat of the day and the cold of the night just brings out more of the cask influence so a three year old or even younger American or Indian Whisky can, sometimes, have the character of a ten year old Scotch or Irish.

Quick bit before I crack on with the review, the official blurb describes this as “smooth, with a mellow taste” this makes it sound like it tastes of nothing, if I want smooth with a mellow taste I’ll drink water, this is whisky, it’s also nonsense as this whisky has loads happening.

I found that my generous sample provided by the lovely people at MPR Communications enjoyed a drop of water but was ready to drink within a few minutes.

Nose. Herbal notes hit first, thyme and wild garlic, dried mixed fruits, lots of vanilla, honey and pistachio nut.

Palate. Peppery at first then relaxes into those dried fruits again, slightly burnt short crust pastry, cooked apples with those herbs again, perhaps some Star Anise.

Finish. Long and warm with a spicy yet sweet finish, think of honey poured over a chilli and chocolate cake, or something.

This is a very solid dram so let’s talk about price.

This is around the fifty pounds mark which is okay in terms of what it is but there are several Paul John malts for less money which hold up pretty well against it, and I’ve tried all of them. It’s the same sort of price as Amrut though and I’d choose this over Amrut.

This is one of those whiskies which I’d suggest trying before you buy because if you like it then you’ll love it but if you don’t you’d maybe feel a bit hard done by at this price, if this was five or ten pounds cheaper then it would be a must have.

Anyway, this is my first proper review for a while, the Covid19 took a lot out of me and even though I was better physically I’m only just back to full health mentally, stay folks and stay inside.

Oh and remember if you want to buy me a drink you can head over to http://www.patreon.com/whiskyapocalyse and through some change at me, which would be excellent at this time.

The Captain.




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