Aerolite Lyndsay 10 Year Old Islay Single Malt 46%

For Fuck sake, this has been sitting in my drafts folder for months, I have no idea why, sorry to everyone.

This is a new thing from Atom Brands/ The Character of Islay Whisky Company with a made up name but hey, it’s got a ten year age statement it’s 46% too which is great news, there is no mention of chill filtration or added colour but if I had to guess I’d say there was maybe a little bit of filtration and no colouring because it’s pretty light for something matured for a decade in bourbon and Spanish Oak Sherry Quarter Casks.

This sample, and by sample I mean a very generous whole bottle, was sent to me by Atom Brands, which is lovely of them.

I’m not really sure what else to say, Islay is one of those places which sort of guarantees sales, doesn’t it? It’s roughly the same price as Ardbeg 10 and Caol ila 12 and it’s a fiver more expensive than the Port Askaig 8 Year Old.

I mention the Port Askaig8 Year Old because like the Aerolite Lyndsay it’s essentially an independent bottling without a named distillery attached, I’m okay with this, I don’t mind a bit of detective work and speculation. It also allows the drinker the opportunity to taste something blind so not already having an opinion because they pretend to not like such and such a distillery but love the one a hundred yards up the road.

Shall we crack on? I’m boring myself now.

I’ve had a few drams of this now, I think it suits a drop or two of water.

Nose. Subtle, smoky and rich, smoked fish, treacle, baked Rhubarb, toasted granola, smashed up hazelnuts.

Palate. A big hit of tar and smoke, the nose is deceptive here for sure, golden syrup, chocolate coated coffee beans, salted fish.

Finish. Smoked fish on the bbq with a honey glaze, very pleasant.

This is decent, price wise it’s okay, 46% and a Ten Year Old age statement means the forty five quid price is totally justified, I’ve seen less quality selling for more.

I would buy this in the future and it’ll be interesting to see what they come out with in later years.

The Captain.


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