Auchentoshan, Bartender’s Malt 47%

I’m not a bar tender, I can make up a nice cocktail for you if there is no pressure and once won a cocktail competition but I had no idea Bartender’s had their own malts made for them. I just assumed going by the hours they work it’s all Red Bull and pro plus or whatever the fuck kids take to stay away these days.

So yeah, a bartender’s malt, no, me neither but I have a sample thanks to The Really Good Whisky selection box I have and I’m taking the odd mini out and bigging up the kind and generous selection box in question.

Right, give me a second, just going to see how much this NAS Auchentoshan is, can’t be all that much seeing as ho.. FUCKING HOW MUCH? Actually I need to calm down a bit, when I checked the two main online whisky shops and this is nearly forty five pounds, on Amazon it’s thirty five pounds, still.

I’ve read the blurb now on the internet and it’s not for bartenders it was made by them for a competition, and it’s youngest whisky is, apparently six years old although it’s an NAS whisky, would have been nice to see a bold SIX YEAR age statement on the bottle.

Oh and before the review I’m not sure which batch this is, there are three, they might be all wildly different, this might be much older, who knows.

It’s all bit smoke and mirrors isn’t it.

Bottled at 47% this is pretty young and takes a drop of water well, doesn’t however like sitting in the glass for long.

Nose. Dried fruits, cocktail cherries in syrup, honey, lapsang sousong tea, green tea, milk chew sweets, lots of honey and toffee.

Palate. Sweet milky tea, those cherries again, touch of port, some smoke but more a linger, like someones set fire to a bit of paper in another room, at the end with some water the rum casks I’m told are involved come out and play.

Finish. Longer than expected.

Pleasant but as so often the case two things spring to mind. First is it’s a little bit expensive, it’s one of those whiskies I think are artificially priced high so you think you’re getting a discount when Amazon give a tenner off, then it’s worth the money, I guess. The second is why is this here? Does this bring something to the table? And once again I’m not entirely sure it does, but it’s okay.

If this was thirty pounds I’d buy a bottle, but it’s not.

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The Captain.


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