Sheep Dip Islay Blended Malt 40%

I’ve never heard anyone say anything particularly positive about Sheep Dip but it was one of the minis included in The Really Good Whisky Company selection box I got over Christmas so in for a penny in for a pound and all that.

Blended malts, a mixture of malts with no grain, used to be called vatted malts or pure malts until someone said that was bad behaviour, possibly one of the most brutal markets for anyone to break into, every other day there is new blended malt released and most are bang average and some are worse, I’m actually only reviewing this because I think this could be a decent whisky, could be.

But it’s not, it’s boring as fuck, 40% does nothing for this, water does nothing for it either.

It’s one of those whiskies I stare at and wonder why they’ve bothered, another blended malt that bring absolutely nothing to the table, a pointless dram, not a poor dram, not unpleasant, not modern NAS Glenlivet or Proper 12 rubbish just so meh they might have well have called it Ghost sheep, because it feels as thin as smoke.

Nose. Sigh, Gentle smoke but with little to no substance, a mild sweetness follows, if I was being super generous I’d suggest that there might be some tinned fruit cocktail but I’m not feeling super generous.

Palate. Smoky, I’ll give it that, but then there are hunners of smoky whiskies, I guess if smoke, some light oak and icing sugar are what you want in a whisky and nothing else then they’ve nailed it, otherwise it’s just so light.

Finish. Sigh.

Maybe I’m being mean, maybe this is the “smooth” whisky people are always prattling on about, I’d like to say that this is a whisky for getting into peat but there are far far better whiskies out there to start your whisky voyage with.

Thirty quid as well, so not at the bottom rung of the ladder price wise although not eye watering, I just don’t see why companies bother, it’s squeezing the market ever tighter.

By the by, if you want a laugh go and get a dram of this, drink it, then go and read Richard Paterson’s review of this, he uses the words finesse and elegance, fucking hell, he must have been on the glue when he was writing those notes.

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The Captain.


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