Laphroaig PX Cask Triple Matured 48%

You’ll not find many Laphroaig whiskies reviewed here, it’s just one of those whiskies I’ve never got on with, I’ve tried several and just really struggled with the whole mop soaked in iodine wiping up a muddy floor type of dram, but over the years your palate changes and whilst I still struggle with the core range I’ve found one or independent bottles I’ve got on with and then this, a PX finished 48% number my brother in law bought himself whilst on holiday last year and rather kindly opened over Christmas.

He paid about a quid for this over in Gibraltar by the way, that’s a reflection of how much we’re being royally fucked every time we buy a bottle of spirit.

A 48% Laphroaig needs a little water in my opinion, not as much as I thought with my first glass, just a drop or two, allows the PX cask to open up properly.

Nose. The Iodine is here and real but it’s married well with hints of candyfloss and the smoke created by throwing some maple syrup cured bacon onto a roasting bonfire,  the raisins and treacle you get from a decent Brandy De Jerez, a hint of kiwi fruit for some reason, a hint later on of road tar, which is all good.

Palate. Thankfully that “cum from a swamp monster” note I dread with Laphroaig isn’t there, but it’s replaced with strong smoke and sweet note, imagine taking a bag of vimto flavoured candyfloss (actual thing available in loads of places so fuck you) and throwing it into a fire that’s been burning kiln dried wooded logs and then eating that, it’s that but without the burnt mouth, obviously. Some frozen grapes dipped in balsamic glaze and port, lots of that sweet sticky brandy again, like sitting drinking brandy or a PX sherry in a house, that’s on fire.

Finish. Burnt toast covered with maple syrup that you’re eating whilst sitting in a bath and the rest of the house is still on fire.

This is a decent dram this, it’s nowhere near worth the nearly eighty fucking quid retailers here are asking for it. If I saw this for forty or fifty I’d snap it up.

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The Captain.


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  1. I haven’t had any Laphroaig in ages, but I bought a 10 yesterday for £19 on a Tesco clearance sale, just to revisit it now that my palate has developed. It’ll be interesting an interesting experience.

    Loving your turn of phrase, as per usual. Cheers!


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