Port Charlotte 10 Year Old 50%

I had a couple of drams last night, Port Charlotte 10 Year Old, and I wasn’t expecting much because I, wait for it, I don’t like anything Bruichladdich do.

I know, shocker. Everyone likes Bruichladdich and everything they do, nothing but plaudits all round, huh?

Well, I think most of it is either boring, over hyped, over priced and usually all three.

But I guess when you throw enough muck at the wall some of it sticks.

And this was very nice.

Under fifty quid a bottle for a 10 Year Old Islay from an actual distillery and at 50%? Good start.

I’ve not had a good relationship with Bruichladdich, I had had a couple of bottles back when I first started really getting into Scotch including WMD 2 and several other legendary bottles and I just never really got them, I also bought the PC5, PC6 and PC7, two bottles each, one of each still in the cupboard for my retirement although they have somewhat dropped in value.

And then I got a dodgy bottle, it was corked or a bad batch or something and it was fucking terrible and it really shouldn’t have been, sent it back to the distillery, emailed twice, never heard a fucking word so just struck them off, didn’t buy another bottle again.

I have had a couple of “Laddies” over the last couple of years and they’ve all been decidedly meh.

This though, well, I got a mini of this from my The Really Good Whisky Company Advent Calendar.

Touch of water needed for this although five minutes in the glass is fine.

Nose. Salty but nothing extreme, sultanas, plump grapes, burning coal, burning cardboard (I have a multi fuel stove so burn everything),  Smoked tea.

Palate. Lapsang Tea with sugar, spear mint, maple syrup, sticky barbecued meat.

Finish. Quick, punchy and smoky.

This is a rough around the edges Single Malt but it’s all the better for it, reminds me of camping, sitting around a barbecue near the sea, the brine in the air and the burning coals slowly burning the sugars in the barbecue sauce covered ribs, all very pleasant.

Sadly, for me anyway, this whisky is very much the exception to the rule, will buy myself a couple of bottles for my retirement whiskies for sure though.

The Captain.

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