Glenglassaugh Evolution 50%

Christ, Glenglassaugh fair rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? Absolute swine to have to type out on here too.

Anyway, Glenglassaugh fell silent in 1986 and was sleeping for twenty years before being bought and re opened by Dutch based Scaent Group, it’s now owned by mega whisky giant Brown Forman and have released a handful of core bottles, one of which I’m looking at thanks to The Really Good Whisky Company who provided me with one of their swanky advent calendars you can see the link for them at the bottom of the page and you totally should.

Anyhoo, I’m a fan of new whiskies that don’t try and take the piss and this is a forty ish quid whisky bottled at 50% is un chilled filtered and natural colour which all in all don’t bother me as much as others but I’m happy Brown Forman have allowed this approach with this young and lively whisky.

I had a small sample of this so take this review as it’s mean’t, for me to allow you know the basics and if it’s worth putting your hand in your pocket.

This didn’t really open up over time but five minutes and a drop of water really open it up nicely.

Nose. It’s a very sweet affair, barley sweets, lemon posset with shortbread, the age shows with some spicy oak but it’s not offensive, burnt caramel rounds off this very sweet affair.

Palate. More aggressive than the nose, chilli flakes sprinkled over a pear tart with whipped cream and something salty, I’ve read this has the feel of tinned fruit but I find it more like fresh grapes, slightly hard pears and red apple.

Finish. Oak and white pepper with some caramel, lasted well.

Worth forty quid? Well in today’s market of baffling prices yeah, it’s absolutely worth the money, it’s a very pleasant dram indeed. It has a decent central core with some rough edges, I suspect in another few years Glenglassaugh will be producing some fantastic core bottles.

Thanks again to The Really Good Whisky Company for the sample.

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The Captain.


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