The Captain’s guide to spending money this Christmas*

*On whisky stuff, obviously.

So, these are the things you could spend your money,

National Whisky Festival Glasgow, Paisley, Aberdeen maybe some other places.

Why not spoil your loved ones this Christmas with tickets to a whisky festival where you can meet all the beautiful brand ambassadors, try whisky, eat food, buy whisky and even come and say hello to me if you’re at the first session of the SWG3 on January 25th.

Tickets available here. 

Fife Whisky Festival.

This is such a laid back charming affair owned and ran by two of the nicest people in the business. If you’re on the East Coast then it has to be one of the events of the year. They do a fancy dinner party thing too.

Oh and buying a ticket gives some money to charity, which is nice.

Advent Calendars

These might appear rather expensive at first glass but can work out at a fiver a dram, which makes them well worth it. You don’t need to use them as actual advents either, I couldn’t possibly drink 24 drams in 24 drams so I swap some, throw some in my samples bucket and do a wee mystery draw for myself, give myself a wee surprise and these boxes of joy have some real treasures.

Try these, if you want, no pressure.

Really Good Drams 


Whisky Club.

I’ve seen a couple of whisky clubs before, subscription things where you get minis or bottles but they’ve never really offered anything exciting and then I was put onto The Summerton Whisky Club and I’m signed up. £50 Every two months gets you a bottle every two months and from what I’ve seen from other people with memberships the bottle list is superb.

Check them out here.

Cocktail Stuff.

Speaking of being at a thing, cocktails are fun aren’t they? Making them yourself is even better fun, bags of ice are a quid and you’ve got your cherries, lemons and limes but what about funky bitters? There are millions to choose from but I’ve recently tried these, at the same thing, and they transformed some of the cocktails I was making.

If you’re thinking of stocking up you could do worse than the traditional Angostura Bitters but think about something different in the form of Lemon, hop and herb bitters from Bitter Union and maybe some chocolate bitters too.

Check out Bitter Union here.

So there you go, fill your boots, get to some smaller festivals, get some cocktails going, join a club and buy some minis, go on.

The Captain.



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