That Boutiquey Whisky Company World Whisky Blend 41.6%

Fuck sake, that’s a mouthful, sometimes people mention my reviews are on the short side but every time I do anything by That Boutiquey Whisky Company my word count soars.

So, it’s TBWC for the rest of the review.

This is the first in house blend from them, I was really lucky to try this at a tasting and I took some notes which I texted to myself and as it was the first whisky of the night and then the last one too but I was a bit pissed by then so this isn’t perhaps the most comprehensive review I’ve ever done of anything.

So, this is the first continuous whisky from TBWC and it’s in a 70cl bottle and at just over thirty quid it’s also one of the cheapest. Can a company normally known for its super limited editions create a large scale blend? Let’s find out.

This is a proper World Whisky by the way, we have grain, rye and malt from Scotland, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Taiwan, India, Italy, Germany (Bavaria), South Africa, New Zealand, Tasmania, which is some list, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’m afraid you’ll need to guess which distilleries are used though, sworn to secrecy and all that.

What a mouthful.

Anyway, is it any good?

Now, I did get to spend a little bit of time with this, I tried it neat and with water and felt it needed the water because anything with Rye in it becomes, in my opinion, a spicy rye bomb, and the water opens this up loads and allows far more of the components come to life.

Nose. Once the water is added I get the Rye spice but also lots of oranges, honey, sweet porridge, granola, pear drop sweets, burnt sugar.

Palate. Honey and pears soaked in red wine and baked, apples with spiced raisins, grain rich too so whipped cream, porridge, flap jacks, golden syrup and a touch of clove comes out of nowhere.

Finish. Lovely and warming, baked apple pie lingers.

This appears to be very decent indeed. I have spent all my whisky money this month and I’m waiting until I’ve thinned down my collection further before I buy anything else anyway but this is first on my list, really well balanced for something which draws its content from all over the world.

The Captain.

TBWC World Whisky Blend - 70cl pack shot with reflection


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