Torres 20 Year Old Brandy 40%

After being somewhat bewildered by the Jaimie I 30 Year Old it was good to get back to Spain in October and stock up on some new goodies and managed to find, among other things an older bottle of the Torres 20 Year Old.

The fifteen year old was excellent, still probably my favourite Spanish brandy, well it was.

This is the older version of the 20 Year Old Torres and I think we might have found the very best of the range, you’ll find this for between twenty five and fifty pounds, sadly it’s very expensive over in the UK but if you’re in Spain then you could be getting a bargain.

For those interested this brandy has been created Parellada and Ugni Blanc grapes and aged in Limousin oak barrels, it’s at 40% which is what you should be looking for in a Spanish Brandy and for some reason Torres wish to tell us that the Ph Level is 3.5 and claim it will last around twenty years if stored correctly. I’m only adding that lot in because this is a Malt Review and you all seem to like the geeky bits.

Big Brandy glass, no ice, no water, some time in the glass and we can begin.

Nose. Lots of warm golden syrup, slight medicinal notes, back note of clove with mixed dried fruits, roast Brazil nuts and treacle.

Palate. A rich and thick mouthful which explodes with natural honey, mixed dried fruits, candied orange, cherries and dates. There is a nuttiness at the back of it all which wraps it up nicely and then adds some milky chocolate to the mix.

Finish. A gentle warm fruit and nut chocolate bar and last forever.

This is wonderful, it’s such a joy to take a slightly warm glass help yourself to a big pour and then relax by the fire.

This, for me is the best thing Torres have ever produced, at least that I have tried, and well worth picking up if you find it. Even at the UK rate of forty ish quid it’s an excellent alternative to being ripped off by whisky makers.

The Captain.


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