The Really Good Whisky Company Advent Calendar

Jeezo, fiver a dram this is.

Okay, so, I’m out at the Country Living fair, just and me five thousand women in tweed all arriving by carriage and sedan chairs and the place was rammed with cushion sellers, art creators and gin, so so much gin, so it was lovely to bump into a small stall selling whisky sample sets and whisky sample advent calendars and all that.

Anyway, got chatting because it was a welcome break from all the fucking gin shit and yeah, it’s a newish company offering full bottles as well as sample packs.

I’m a big fan of the sample pack, I think Master of Malt have done a decent thing with these and this is another company doing the same but oh my what a range they offer.

I was gifted an advent calendar and one thing I’ll say here is no one could possibly complain about the quality of drams on offer, one thing they have in common in the Master of Malt and Boutiquey advent Calendars and packs I’ve seen kicking about is the lack of filler rubbish.

This is 24 really good drams and it’s currently being sold for £125 which works out at a fiver a dram, go and find me a pub where you’ll get this sort of quality for a fiver a dram?


Oh and it’s not just this set, they have aged sets, Japanese sets, all kinds of sets, awww shit, they do gin and that as well but let’s just skip by that, honestly, the quicker the gin bubble bursts the better for everyone, apart from gin peddlers of course.

I’m ignoring the fact they’re call Malt Teasers, I’m surprised they’ve not been issued a cease and desist order for that.

Here is the link to their site, lots of Black Friday deals at the minute so fill your boots.

The Captain.

Oh and stay tuned for a chance to win three samples from the pack.




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