Aldi’s Old Horseshoe Bourbon 40%

First off, Aldi sent me a very generous sample of this, secondly, why have they put 70 Proof on the label? 70 Proof is about 35% ABV and this is 40% ABV, 70 Proof wouldn’t even be allowed to be called a bourbon, absolutely zero idea why they’ve done this.

This is another bottle from the Christmas Range, I’ve now had a chance to enjoy a few drams of this and it’s priced at £16.99.

Aldi have, of course, built up a really solid reputation for giving us decent spirits for low low prices, I’m not sure whether or not they actually lose money on these just to get people in the shop but this is another under twenty quid bottle which baffled me.

I’ve taken this neat because it doesn’t need water, water pretty much always kills any bourbon that’s under 50 percent. I suspect many many many drinkers of this will drink this with have of the North Pole in the glass anyway.

Nose. All the bourbon, vanilla and charred oak, cherries, toffee and popcorn, the oak comes in more and more bringing with it some cloves and a peanut butter toffee spread sandwhich for company.

Palate. Bourbon. I mean it’s got all the things you’d expect from it, toffee, vanilla, charred barrels, tart tatin that’s a bit over done, covered with toffee sauce and whipped cream, it’s got some lovely icing sugar and candy floss vibes too, after a while a subtle spice comes out.

Finish. Spiced apples, charred oak and toffee linger longer than any £16.00 has any right to offer.

This is not overly nuanced, it’s like someone has taken the “how to make bourbon 101” book and created this, this isn’t a criticism either because it’s a perfectly reasonable bottle of bourbon, I’d buy this over pretty much anything under twenty five quid and it will work well in cocktails when you want that trademark bourbon note.

Fuck knows why they’ve got with the 70 proof on the bottle though, still.

The Captain.

Premium-Bourbon-Whiskey-A (1)


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