Aldi’s Glen Marnoch 25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 40%

Forty quid for a twenty five year old single malt Scotch whisky, I should wrap this up now and be done with it because if that’s not enough for you to get out and buy this then I don’t know what will.


This is the big Christmas launch whisky, there are others on sale at Aldi which I’ll get to over the next couple of weeks but I thought I’d start big with this seeing as how I’ve managed a couple of sessions with this.

This is bottled at 40% and there is no mention of chill filtering or added colour but I would imagine their would be, that said there isn’t much colour added if any.

I think this works with a very light touch of water or neat, I went with the water and I’m using a Glencairn for the review.

This really wants some air, I settled on this wanting about half an hour in the glass before approaching to get the most out of it.

Nose. Tiny touch of aniseed from the oak, remember cherry lip sweeties? Those, Red Cola, freshly chopped up cooking apples (yes specifically tart cooking apples) touch of sage leaf and then some raisins soaking in whisky.

Palate. The savory notes in the nose are rather overwhelmed by the sweetness at first. Buttery toffee, toffee apples, toffee pennies, lots of toffee then. Luckily though it’s not that one dimensional and we get some dusty books, touch of leather polish, some clove and then some whipped cream.

Finish. The clove, whipped cream and toffee linger a while, over a little too quick for my liking.

This is wonderful, this give the opportunity for normal people who can’t or wont drop hundreds of pounds on a bottle of whisky to try something else and it doesn’t disappoint. I’m sure some people will moan but I’m really enjoying this.

I guess with something like this it’s hard to tell how it stacks up as a twenty five year old whisky because no one knows where it came from so I can’t compare it like for like with a younger bottle from the same distillery. If anything I’d say this feels a little younger than its age and I’d suggest we have Virgin Oak and then maybe 2nd fill bourbon barrels here. There is nothing harsh though, nothing out of place, the casks have been married well to create this and everyone should buy it and buy it now, whilst you still can, I mean, I went and picked up two bottles for myself which will do me nicely until next year.

The Captain.



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  1. Nice review. Have to say I did not have the greatest experiences with malts from Aldi in the past but I’m gonna try and get my hands on a sample at least 🙂


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