Cu Bocan Creation Number 2 46%

Again, the first thing that really strikes me about this is the cost, nearly sixty quid for this bottle of smoky Tomatin,  matured using Black Isle Brewery Imperial Stout and Bacalhoa Moscatel De Setubal Wine casks, no, me neither.

So peat, Stout and Moscatel, fuck me if that isn’t a combination that just screams FUCKING HELL THIS IS GOING TO BE ALL OVER THE PLACE, because at first glance I don’t understand how this combo can possibly work.

I’m reviewing this as usual with a drop of water.

Nose. Black instant coffee, milky chocolate at first then something savory. crystallised orange slices, touch of blood orange, bit of grapefruit.

Palate. Lots of dark chocolate and oranges, do Terry’s do Chocolate orange with dark chocolate? If they do then it tastes like what I imagine that would taste like. something nutty and I got some port too.

Finish. MSG coated chips, a very savory end to things.

This is okay, I get almost no peat smoke at all, the subtle smoke has been overwhelmed by the casks here but to be honest that’s not a bad thing and the casks are decent. It is a little bit messed up, perhaps another year marrying in the cask might have made this excellent but alas it’s just okay and too expensive, but I’ll give it some respect for being interesting with quite a lot going on. A tenner too expensive.

The Captain.

This is a free article because it was a free sample, and I’m still not entirely sure from whom, if you like this and want to check out my other stuff then YouTube and Patreon are where to head too.



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