Cu Bocan Creation 1 46%

Or, Cu Bocan Japanese Sochu and Virgin Oak Casks.

Bit of a mouthful that, isn’t it?

Cu Bocan for those who don’t know or care is the peated range from Tomatin, Cu Bocan is a mythical dog in Scottish legend, the big black dog, so there’s your history lesson for today.

I was sent these by someone but I’m not entirely sure who as there was no note attached but thanks to whoever.

The Cu Bocan is release and a three part series with different cask types and I’m looking at this one first, and I’m hoping I will be working my way up because I’m not getting this at all.

I really like Tomatin, loads of time for them, loved their Five Virtues series, Love their old bottles, love their age statement and don’t mind their Legacy either, even had a few Independent bottles which are superb, just don’t understand why they’ve bothered here.

Part of the charm of Tomatin is that they can produce a decent bottle without an age statement, the Legacy, the Five Virtues series are all pretty young whiskies but their above 40% abv and decent cask management mean they are still good stuff, this? It’s not bad, it just loses some of that charm.

This is the first of three Cu Bocan bottles released using Sochu and Virgin Oak casks.

I’ve taken this with a little water as per usual.

Nose. Light smoke, lime leaves or maybe lime pickle, oak, sesame oil.

Palate. Light young whisky, mild tobacco, oak, something sour, not much else.

Finish. Smoky and short.

This is a let down, to be fair to the range I’m starting with the worst and working my way up but I just can’t figure out why they’ve made this, it does nothing for Tomatin and it’s nearly sixty quid, I could get two bottles of the Legacy for this and I’d much rather have those.

This is a free review because the sample was free, there are free videos over at YouTube and if you want to lend a hand perhaps throw some change at me via Patreon.

The Captain.


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