The future of Whisky Apocalypse

First off I’d like to thank those who headed on over to Patreon and threw a few sharpened coins at me, it was most appreciated.

But what now? Well a few things which I’ll detail here.

First off I’ll keep the site on here, it’s more of a reference stable for people, I won’t be adding many reviews, I’m thinking of occasionally uploading a review or re post older articles if they become relevant.

Patreon is slowly taking off so I’ll keep up with the audio posts of which I have a handful written up, it’s just the time to record anything is limited. I also have a good twenty samples to review including a couple of absolute horror stories which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Some will be freebies, some will be behind my oh so cruel paywall, but a man’s got to eat and all that.

I’ve also done an article for Malt which you’ll be seeing at some point and I may continue if I’m asked.

And that’s it, hopefully you keep enjoying my articles and I’ll do my best to remain fluff piece, PR bollocks and advert free.

The Captain.


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