Bringing Whisky Apocalypse to an End.

In just under a week I will  probably close down Whisky Apocalypse as I cannot justify the site fees at this time, should my Patreon pick up a few more subs then I might keep going.

I wish to take this opportunity to thanks the thousands of people who have read my bullshit over the years, the comments made and even the person who threatened me.

Part of the reason for this is that I am fucking scunnered watching people constantly kiss the arse of corportate giants who would move production out of Scotland in a heartbeat if they could get away with it, I know whisky tasting is subjective but fucking hell some of the garbage I’ve read from people desperate to get into the industry has made me despair and frankly I’m embarrassed by some of my peers and the bullshit they write.

The worst of this has seen “respected” writers doing negative reviews of other people’s work to copying and pasting other writers articles, it’s just so fucking lazy.

I got into writing about whisky because I enjoy writing, whisky and sharing what I think is a decent buy but now, I dunno, I feel rather lost and drowned out there are just too many people willing to give a whisky a thumbs up regardless of quality and it’s conning the general public who look to us for advice and guidance.

I hope this is just a blip and that I’ll be able to justify bringing this back, we shall see.

I will still create content over on my Patreon Page, some articles I will publish for free and some will be behind a paywall. I will also continue with Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks again for the Support

The Captain.

If anyone is interested I suggest you follow the following for honest advice and decent chat, there maybe others out there I have missed but these are the sites I will continue to read and watch.


Scotch Test Dummies

Mark’s Whisky Whistle


Omar in Ireland 



1 Comment

  1. Good Captain,

    Say it isn’t so! I will get onto your Patreon post haste my friend. I know the struggles you speak of. Shenanigans abound on YouTube as well. Thanks so much for the support you have always given me.
    ps equipment finally purchased for hosting guests. Let’s have you on soon!


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