Compass Box The Circle 46%

This is a very pleasant bottle of whisky, so that’s a positive start, I got a wee sample from Compass Box so that’s even better.

This bottle is a 46% non chill filtered and guess what? Has some Clynelish in it, obviously, has some Tamdhu too, has a drop of Orkney Malt and some other stuff.

This bottle is supposedly sunshine in a glass, designed by Rosie Mitchell who won the 2018 “The Circle” a Compass Box thing designed to inspire bartenders around the world, Rosie won and her prize was to make a bottle of whisky with John Glaser and Jill Boyd, that is a proper good prize by the way, I’d sell a kidney to design my own bottle of Compass Box and bollocks to you if you disagree.

I see an awful lot of criticism dished out to Compass Box for releasing too many bottles and charging a fortune, something I can understand but I don’t see the same shit dished out to say Scotch Malt Whisky Society who have a bewildering range with some mental prices, other whisky bottlers are available for criticism.

I think a drop of water is needed here, it’s quite fierce without it which is odd considering the brief was to create “sunshine in a glass”

The addition of Tamdhu is very welcome, I stumbled across Tamdhu by total accident, I bought a bottle of Waitrose own brand Single Malt, they didn’t have any so I received a bottle of Tamdhu 10 Year Old as a replacement and oh my days what a treat. Oh and it’s nearly 80% Tamdhu

There is also some Orkney malt although it’s not particularly prominent to the point I’m not sure why they bothered.

There is also a batch of Highland Blended Malt made up from Clynelish, Dailuaine and Teaninich which has been flung into French Oak Hybrid Casks, whatever that means.

We’ve got first fill bourbon, American Oak and refill Sherry butts so with all this going on are we going to get a well round complex whisky or a bottle that’s completely all over the shop?

Shall we crack on?

Nose. Takes a while to open up, half an hour at least in the glass before you can get right into it, vanilla and toffee apples, double cream, a drop of water lets some blackberries and maybe some raspberry jam come out.

Palate. Lots of warm caramel sauce, some woody notes with oak then charred barrel coming out, cherries, blackberries, is there such a thing as prune and fig cake? Because if there is then prune and fig cake, if not someone should make one.

Finish. The only time that Orkney oak comes out, I catch the tiniest drop of smoke but the toffee, vanilla and oak take over and linger for an age.

This is lovely, it’s a bit expensive though, too expensive? Well it won’t be getting added to the three closed bottles of Compass Box I have for another time, try this in bar over maybe buying a whole bottle.

Thanks to the team at Compass Box for the sample.

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The Captain.

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