Compass Box No Name Part 2 48.9%

The first No Name was fantastic, reasonably well priced considering the price of whisky these days so I was looking forward to getting stuck into this wee sample kindly sent to me from Compass Box, mainly because I smashed my bottle of No Name after drinking around half, this was a low moment.

Right so, it’s a blended malt and no prizes for guessing it’s got a spoonful of Clynlish because it wouldn’t be a Compass Box whisky without it, but it’s also got some Talisker, Caol Ila, 75% of this is Caol Ila (a whisky fast becoming one of my favourites) and some Highland Compass Box home brew, it’s bottled at a reasonable 48.9% with no colouring or that.

Oh and it’s “limited” to around 8500 bottles, which isn’t particularly limited but the last one was very popular and I did have a wee check on four online retailers and it’s sold out so if you are wanting a bottle I would piss about hoping it will get reduced on sale from its asking price of around £100 depending on where you shop.

I preferred this with a touch of water and that is where I’m coming from in terms of review.

Nose. All the peat, campfire smoke, burning grass and heather, it takes a while to settle down and open up to reveal anything else but slowly I get some honey, road tar, seaweed crackling on a fire, touch of salted caramel, raspberry jam right at the end.

Palate. Smokey as fuck, like drinking ash, the salted caramel is real, the raspberry jam on the nose becomes something more plum or damson but plums that have been set on fire, it’s one of those drams, candyfloss too, which has also been set on fire, touch of white pepper heat.

Finish. Smoke and jam, what a sandwich that would be.

If you like your big smokey drams then this might be for you, it is Peat Monster’s bigger brother, I don’t find it overly complex it moves quite quickly from smoke to sweet and salty and then back to smoky but it’s a lovely drop of whisky, I’m sure the current trend to slag off Compass Box will continue for many but this is a return to form after a few frankly puzzling offerings.

The Captain

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compass box no name part 2


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