Peaky Blinder Irish Whiskey 40%


I mean for fucks sake, I’ve watched the first few seasons of Peaky Blinders, a TV show about an Irish Immigrant family of criminals living in Birmingham set in the aftermath of WWI.

It’s a good show, and in turn there have been some marketing tie ins, baker boy hats and penny collar shirts, the usual mugs and other tat and whiskey, Irish whiskey.

Saddler’s are a brewery and independent bottler from England who have done a small range of Peaky Blinder spirits, we’ve got rum, spiced rum, moonshine and this, it’s 40% it’s from somewhere in Ireland and it’s rubbish and it’s £25, it should be about £15, shall we crack on with the review?

A mate was given a bottle of this and doesn’t drink whiskey so gave me loads of it, I say mate, he was a mate, he isn’t now.

Like with a few other spirits don’t waste water on this it only makes the experience longer.

Nose. Sigh, harsh, glue and rubbing spirit, this has apparently been finished in sherry casks but I get no sherry, after a while I a bit of toffee turns up, I catch some woody notes, much in the same way I’d catch a cold, touch of apple tea.

Palate. The harsh young whiskey doesn’t get any better on the palate, knackered old casks produce cheap tasting whisky and this is a prime example of that, more wood, a little toffee, maybe a wee bit of candyfloss, some manky fruit, the soul of Irish Whiskey.

Finish. Thankfully it’s as quick finishing as any whiskey I’ve ever tried.

What’s really galling here is that people will buy this because people buy tie ins with famous people or famous things and it’s fucking rubbish, it’s a liberty and will encourage precisely no one to get into whiskey, it’s annoying because there is enough decent Irish out there that this never had to happen.

This is not far off Proper Twelve levels of rubbish.

If you enjoyed this perhaps you could head over to my Patreon page and throw a few coins at me. Otherwise this may well be one of the last Whisky Apocalypse reviews.

The Captain.

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