Highland Park Twisted Tattoo 46.7%

Okay, another Highland Park, a distillery with a reputation for churning out release after release for the collectors and fanboys, many are critical but outwith a couple of limited releases and I think an Amazon exclusive they’ve actually been reasonably quiet seeing as it nearly June.

This starts off well, it’s got an age statement, Sixteen years, it’s bottled at a very decent 46.7%, and aged in Seasoned Rioja wine casks and bourbon casks.

Seasoned Cask? I hear you ask, well, this is a rather loose and fast way to describe something, I’ve asked my whisky guru for advice on this subject, a seasoned cask can be many things but most likely it’s a cask which has had something, in this case red wine, added to cask on the instructions of the distiller for the purpose of then using the cask to finish off an already pretty much ready whisky, rather than say a proper red wine cask which was used to mature red wine, or whatever, get me? Good.

Anyway, I received this sample from Highland Park, I am basing this review on the basis of drinking it over two nights and with added water.

Nose. Light smoke, softer than perhaps I was expecting, tinned tropical fruit (this isn’t a bad thing by the way) I thought a touch of condensed milk, vanilla soaked sugar, slight rum feel to it, reasonably heavy wood notes after half an hour in the glass, decent toffee element.

Palate. A soft smoke and a hint of red grape juice to start with, the red wine doesn’t really come on later though which was a bit of a let down, nice sweetness underneath the floral peat, toffee pennies and milky chocolate, vimto sweets, candyfloss.

Finish. Nice enough, touch of smoke touch of white pepper and a suggestion of rich caramel sauce.

I don’t really get the red wine here, it’s barely here, that said it’s actually a nice bottle of whisky, it’s a tad expensive at £80 too but then I’m often left bewildered by prices these days, I’ve just bought a bottle of Cask Orkney and paid sixty quid for it, 18 Year Old Highland Park for £60, it was on offer but still, some price.

Oh yeah, forgot, tattoos and stuff, I just don’t get the point to it, the Vikings would have had tattoos although there is no physical evidence, but they wouldn’t have been a dragon thing, but never mind.

The Captain.

Oh yeah, begging begging, throw me some money at Patreon or I’ll need to pack this in, etc etc.

The Captain.


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