J Gow Spiced Rum 40%

I got sent a couple of minis of this and took them along with me to the Gods of Rap Tour to enjoy with a buddy, managed to sneak them past security PIRATE STYLE so let’s get on with the review.

For the record I received them in good time and actually had been sipping one for a couple of days in case you think I’ve actually written this up directly after a Wu Tang Clan gig.

The concert was dogshit but I’m guessing you’re wanting to read about the rum and not a load of old middle aged millionaires pretending they are still relevant (I hope my bitterness isn’t coming through.)

Anyway, the rum, I recently reviewed this tiny wee Orkney rum smuggler looking at the fantastic Chestnut Cask Rum, it’s a personal highlight for me, just a wonderful bottle of spirit so was delighted to get some of this Spiced Rum affair.

I like a Spiced rum, ginger ale, lime, ice, big splash of Sailor Jerry’s or the Kracken, love it on a warm summers day, but this isn’t a fifteen quid bottle for mixing, this is a thirty pound bottle, and in my opinion if you’re spending thirty quid on a bottle of rum it better be a sipper.

This could be described as a diet spiced rum in that there is less than 5g of sugar per litre used in the Pot Still distillation meaning it’s not as sickly sweet as many rums on the market. But is it worth dropping thirty notes on?

This was taken neat, taken from a small plastic cup whilst watching Public Enemy.

Nose. Lots of ginger and sweet sticky toffee pudding, dates, clove and all spice, some dark chocolate warm and melting in the summer heat.

Palate. Ginger, rum and raisin ice cream, something smoked I can’t quite place, some fruits too, really ripe melon, mulled wine stewed pears, honey and then some vanilla.

Finish. Lovely warm rum and mulled wine.

This is a very nice bottle of rum, it’s not cheap, not compared to the Spiced rums I normally drink but then this isn’t a normal spiced rum, it’s not particularly sweet, it’s not actually over laden with spice either so the quality of the rum can shine through too, I think this would be a bit of a waste in a cocktail as I always do with more expensive spirits, that said, this would be cracking with that ginger ale and lime I was talking about before, it’s a sipping spiced rum, not something I’m used too but something I’m looking forward to exploring more with the bottle I’ve just ordered.

You can buy this from a few places but I’ll suggest two because I’m nice like that.

Honestly troops, get involved, this is the sort of small batch, locally produced and crafted small company we should all be supporting.




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The Captain.


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