Mackmyra MACK 40%

So many opportunities here for Mackmyra to use some crafty marketing witchcraft here to market their product as being made by Elves or the Hulder or some other Scandinavian myth or legend, but they’ve not, which is very refreshing for this relative new comer to the extremely busy European Whisky sector.

Swedish whisky using only Swedish ingredients, single malt whisky, bottled at the slightly disappointing 40%.

I first encountered MackMyra at a whisky festival last year, I thought the product was decent but also perhaps, maybe, a bit gimmicky, mulled wine cask and all that sort of thing, decent but you wonder when you’d actually drink it.

I next stumbled across it at another festival and this time was far more impressed, really enjoyed it and managed to bag a sample or two. Big thanks here to MackMyra and also Tweet Tasting who also sent me other samples.

So this is Mack, I have a few to get through over the next two weeks but I thought I’d start here, No Age Statement, Single Malt, Swedish Oak, No fancy labels, under forty quid, part of the core range.

Water isn’t really needed here, it’s a very easy drinking whisky.

Nose. Vanilla Oak and some background mint, over time a fruity note comes out, pear and apple cordial springs to mind, touch of clove, maybe some all spice, marzipan right at the end.

Palate. Light whisky, lots of pears and vanilla, toffee apples, touch of oak, hint of stewed rhubarb and cream, crumbly tablet.

Finish. Vanilla and apple rice pudding pots, very nice.

This is cracking dram and one they should be most proud of although i’m still wondering if their simple packaging is really just because Highland Park has copyrighted all Scandinavian folklore and legends for future releases?

The Captain.

Oh and if you like this and fancy throwing some old loose change at me, just the stuff down the back of the couch, you could, if you wanted, head over to my Patreon page and subscribe.


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