J.J. Corry The Gael 46%

The Gael, I was hoping it would be some ye olde Irish folk tale about a wizard or dragon or something but it’s a bike, yeah, a push bike, not even a magical one, just a fucking push bike.

J.J. Corry market themselves as a Spirit Merchant who source all their whisky from county Louth which means, unless I’m mistaken and feel free to correct me, they source their whisky from Cooley, Great Northern and somewhere called Listoke. I’ve only heard of one of these, which means nothing.

This is a blended whiskey made of 60% Irish Single Malt and 40% Irish Grain whiskey, the minimum age statement is 7 Years Old grain although they use whiskies as old as 25 years although not much going by the youthful taste.

This is a release of 7500 bottles and there is a Shamrock on the bottle yet no bike.

I received a sample of this from Axiom Brands which was kind of them.

I’ve added a drop of water to this, I drank it over two evenings and thought the water really helped bring it on.

Nose. Geo F. Trumper Extract of Limes shampoo, this drove me fucking mental for two days knowing I knew the smell from somewhere and then I washed my hair and it hit me, lemon sherbet, icing sugar, barely fruits.

Palate. Oak and caramel at first, baked appls and pear tart tatin, reminded me briefly of Glenfiddich 12, some ginger, orange marmalade.

Finish. Long, lime and vanilla, touch of oak.

This is okay juice this, let me look at see how much this costs, probably around thirty or forty quid that would seem reas…oh. Oh my days, it’s nearly eighty pounds, that’s a lot.

I understand that Louise McGuane founded The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Company, who own J.J. Corry with the plan to become a true whiskey bond company, with a warehouse on the family farm and sourcing top quality casks and spirit, I get that, and I applaud her for that and the company as a whole but when I checked the price and then checked their other whiskey, The Flintlock and it was even more expensive I was rather taken aback.

I don’t want to be negative about this because I enjoyed the drinking experience but I found the experience somewhat tainted by the price.

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The Captain.





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