Berry Bros and Rudd Perspective Series 21 Year Old Blend 43%

Double edged sword this one for me, the whisky is excellent, I think a whisper under £90 for a 21 Year Old whisky, blend or otherwise, is decent value in today’s world and it’s also, please still read the review, a very very good whisky, but.

But, The fancy pictures on the bottle, do we need this? It’s all very pretty and all that but if I’m looking at purely whisky and the cost of a bottle, well, the commission of photographer Lindsay Robertson to create a photographic image to represent our senses and the liquid adds to the cost of the liquid so in one respect this, whilst being decent value for money, could have been cheaper, I could be screaming from the roof of my house about a 21 Year Old Blend for £80, you get the idea.

This reminds me of the Tomatin 5 Virtues Series, which had a couple of very good releases and again wanted to imagine the relationship with whisky production and nature, which is fine, in a world of smoke and mirrors marketing I can think of far worse things whisky makers are peddling, and like I said, it’s a very good bottle of whisky.

I received a sample, possibly for the last time after saying this, from Berry Bros and Rudd which was very kind of them.

It’s 43% and I preferred this without water, I accidentally left this lying for an hour after pouring it and forgetting about it and it was superb, shows what some time in the glass can do.

Nose. Hint of warming winter spices, mulled wine sort of thing, ginger, clove, orange rind, orange blossom honey, vanilla pods and whipped cream, left long enough a touch of old library comes along which is always welcome.

Palate. Those spices are here, ginger and clove but we’ve also had a touch of cinnamon added, along with the honey and vanilla, a dusting of icing sugar over raspberries with a touch of chilli floating about, that extra time in the glass brings out some nice biscuit notes, some roasted hazelnuts.

Finish. Warm and long, very pleasant, lingering vanilla and a creamy feel.

Out of the four this is the cheapest, it’s approachable and I think beginners to whisky would enjoy this as it is whilst bores like me could spend hours with it.

The range can be purchased from the link below.

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The Captain.

berry bros 21


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