Dundalgan 10 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey 40%

Dundalgan appears to be just another made up name for a whiskey in the same way Ben Bracken is a made up name for Lidl’s Scotch.

This 40% Single Malt Whiskey comes with an impressive 10 Year Old age statement and I picked this up locally for £18.99 which is nowt.

This is from the Cooley Distillery if you’re interested, it’s not on the bottle but I’ve looked it up elsewhere and I’m led to believe it’s from there, let me know if I’m wrong.

This is a bourbon cask matured single malt Irish Whiskey

Water isn’t really needed, I’ve found it lifted it a bit but there is more of a mouthful neat.

Nose. Floral at first with some vanilla and creamy toffee you’d expect from a bourbon cask, maybe a touch of clove and ginger biscuit, not exciting but not poor, no hit of cheap alcohol.

Palate. Vanilla and toffee, of course, lots of warm melted brown sugar, some spiced apples, touch of charred bourbon barrel, which you’d expect, strawberries with a touch of cracked black pepper.

Finish. Medium finish, vanilla and that pepper lingers about.

There is nothing flashy about this whiskey, it’s a straightforward and pleasant bottle of whiskey under twenty quid that would offend no one, well it would offend some people because there’s no fucking pleasing some people, but most people would be happy to sip away at this.

I would pick this up for anything under twenty five quid.

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The Captain.


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