Midleton Single Cask 1991 26 Year Old 53.1%

I’m only reviewing this because it fits rather nicely in my journey through Irish whiskey, single cask whiskies aren’t really what people want to read about because these bottles tend to sell out very quickly and are proper obscure but I am doing a run on Irish Whiskey and there’s another point I want to make, but more of that later.

This was sent to me by YouTube guy Whiskey Straight.

A small sample I took my time with due to its age, a drop of water to soften the power of 53.1%

As with anything special like this you want to be leaving this in the glass for a while, let it get some air then cover the glass with a Pringles lid and walk away for half an hour, really let it fill up the glass so you can get your nose right in there.

.Nose. Bourbon, this is from a 1st Fill Bourbon Cask, Vanilla, charred cask, burnt sugar, a whisp of lavender and finally a touch of chilli.

Palate. Bourbon. The charred barrel, the quality vanilla, vanilla pod flavoured icing sugar, more charred barrel, dark chocolate, darker toffee.

Finish. Bourbon. Vanilla, charred barrel and then a little touch of aniseed ball sweets, medium finish.

This is very pleasant, but like the lovely 1994 Glen Moray Scotch, this just tastes like bourbon because if you take a delicate distillate and use 1st fill bourbon for twenty odd years, the bourbon cask just takes over, perhaps use a second fill bourbon and then see where it takes you but I’ve yet to try anything that’s had more than ten years in purely 1st fill bourbon will take on so much of the cask that I struggle to find anything else.

I just wonder if you’d be better off spending the couple of hundred quid you’d need to drop on this on a really good bottle of Irish Whiskey that tastes of Irish Whiskey and a really good bottle of bourbon.

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The Captain.


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