The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey 44%

One of the problems with Irish whiskey is that there are even more smoke and mirrors involved than in Scotch, there was an article on the news or somewhere else regarding Brexit and they were talking to an Irish distiller who made whiskey for over seventy brands, what? I didn’t even know there were seventy brands of Irish whiskey and of course there is the Hyde whiskey thing when a company says it makes whiskey when it does no such fucking thing and just buys it in, no doubt from that company making seventy odd brand whiskies.

The Dead Rabbit is a bar or shop or something in New York with a large selection of Irish Whiskey, or that’s what I’ve read, but that might be a load of old shit because I’m too lazy to look it up, it’s apparently been created by the master distiller of The Dublin Liberties which may or may not be a distillery, it sounds like a student punk band, but again, I’m far too lazy to look any of this up so here we go.

I was sent a sample of this by YouTube Channel guy Whiskey Straight who’s very decent apart from supporting Arsenal, but we all have crosses to bear.

I think this sits well with a drop of water but needs some time in the glass as it’s around five years old from ex boubon and Virgin American Oak. It’s a blend of Irish Single Malts and Grain.

Nose. Very light musky note, slight tobacco feel, good quality vanilla, touch of lime leaf and some sweet and buttery popcorn.

Palate. Toffee and vanilla, lots of it, very easy drinking, coffee mate, lots of charred oak too, and some treacle, little bit of whipped cream.

Finish. Short, quite sweet, decent.

There is nothing wrong with this, I don’t think it’s worth the nearly forty quid you’d be asked to pay for this but I don’t think it’s bad just maybe a tenner too much, I don’t even think it’s gimmicky even though it’s named after a New York bar that sounds like it’s covered in shamrocks and other stereotypical Irish tat, but it might not be, like I said, I’m far too fucking lazy to check.

The Captain.

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