Glen Moray Fired Oak 10 Year Old Single Malt 40%

Glen Moray don’t go off piste very often, they aren’t a company who tend to put out loads of new expressions every other week and their core range of NAS whiskies which you can pick up in Supermarkets up and down the country for twenty quid a bottle and I applaud them for this.

They do have a few other bottles kicking around though, they have some distillery only bottles which I’ve reviewed before which are all superb, they have the odd age statement bottle and now they have this, I say now, it’s been out for months but I’ve been a bit all over the place in trying to get reviews out so I’m very late to the party here, soz everyone.

This does have an age statement, to sit alongside the 10 Year Old Chardonnay Cask bottle (which is fucking outstanding) and it’s more expensive than their core range too, it’s just over £35 but to be honest anyone moaning about spending less than £40 on a 10 Year Old whisky when we see NAS whiskies selling for more, well, they need their head looking at.

The Fired Oak cask is just that, ten years in ex bourbon before being finished off in a heavily charred American oak cask to create this, I’m putting this out there, tribute, to American whiskey.

Before I get onto the review I’d like to mention that I’ve tried a Glen Moray before, a 1994 first fill ex bourbon distillery only bottle which to me tasted more like an excellent bourbon than most bourbon does, so let’s dive in.

Nose. Lots of charred oak, vanilla and golden syrup, a little bit of water brings out gently bubbling brown sugar, salted butter and apples, a baked treat of a dram on the nose this.

Palate. Toffee coins, fudge, vanilla and then the charred barrel kicks in, pineapple baked on the barbecue covered in cream, that finishing barrel does somewhat take over with water, popcorn and treacle tart comes on and maybe something rummy, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Finish. Lasts for ever and leaves a light pepper note with a vanilla and toffee sweetness.

This is not a subtle whisky, the finishing cask kicks you right in the face and that’s not a criticism by the way, it’s a really nice dram but like the 1994 Glen Moray I think this is more like a bourbon than many bourbons, it’s a very pleasant experience, a great dram to have when having a barbecue so expect to see my bottle of this all over social media during the summer when I’m boring the tits off you all with my attempts at blowing my garden up.

I did receive a sample of this but I’ve also bought a bottle and I honestly don’t know where the sample is, in my bucket of samples I assume but thanks to Glen Moray regardless.

Well worth picking up this.

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The Captain.




  1. Totally agree about the NAS bottles, fantastic value for money.
    No tried this yet but I really liked Deanston’s Virgin Oak, so probably would like this too.
    Cheers Captain!


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