Starward New World Malt Whisky 43%

Using 100% Australian barely and matured in Apera, Aussie fortified wine, this is my experience of Australian whisky and gosh it’s a good one, must be all the sunshine.

Starward might not be on your radar and frankly why would it, it has crossed my mind not to bother reviewing it because it’s rather obscure and so not many people will bother reading but it’s blown my socks off, so here I am.

Australia has had whisky for a while but it’s always been premium stuff, small batch and from what I can find it’s very expensive, Starward was created with a mind to create reasonably priced and available whisky so this whisky is only £45 which seems reasonable.

It’s best neat but allow some time in the bottle, I had a sample of this in my Drinks by the Dram Advent calendar and friend also shared their bottle with me.

Nose. Sherry soaked raisins and lots of them, cocktail cherries sloshing about in their syrup, borderline treacle notes or burnt sugar touch of marzipan, very much a Christmas cake sort of whisky.

Palate. The Christmas cake feel is real, reminds me of Dalmore cigar malt, the old version not the awful new one, caramel latte, drop of mulled wine.

Finish. Long and fruity.

This is excellent, really surprised me at the level of quality on offer here for a reasonable price, buy this before prices soar, which they always seem too.

The Captain.


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