The GlenDronach 12 Year Old

I have half a dozen bottles of GlenDronach in the house, a couple of the 18, one of the 8, couple of the older 15 and this and yet I’ve never reviewed any of them, which seems a strange affair but there you go.

I’m slowly but surely going through my Drinks by the Dram Advent Calendar this month, Christmas isn’t the best of times for me and work makes drinking next to impossible so I know I’m a bit behind schedule but here anyway.

The GlenDronach is still very much under the radar, isn’t it? I don’t recall anyone, ever, asking me about it, not at work, not in terms of investment, not friends who aren’t whisky geeks anyway, which is odd, because although it’s not a Supermarket sold spirit it’s not hard to find online and it’s very popular within the whisky geek community.

Anyway, this might prove to be start off a wee mini series depending on the feedback.

Likes a drop of water and half an hour in the glass, perhaps pour this and then have a dram of something super simple to open the palate up.

Nose. It’s like opening a packet of golden syrup flavoured porridge, sherry cask sulphur lingers in the background but water kills this off a bit for those who dislike that note, sweet ginger, raw Christmas cake mix.

Palate. Raw Christmas cake mix again hits first, chocolate nibs, digestive biscuits, caramac buttons and some sweet orange juice.

Finish. Longer than many, sherry and orange lingers.

This is an excellent drum, long may it continue to be under the radar as that’ll keep both the price and demand low because high demand has often led to poor results as distilleries batter out any old shite to keep up with the punters demands.

Well worth finding.

The Captain.



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