The Singleton Malt Master’s Selection 40%

I got this as a sample, a wee bottle from my Drinks by the Dram advent calendar which I received from Atom Brands, just to make that clear from the off.

This took me rather by surprise, I’ve had a couple of drams from Singleton and they’ve all been okay, kinda bland, nothing exciting, but this is really rather good, the sort of single malt I’d use as a palate opener, first dram of the night sort of thing, just enough going on to bother about but not one you’ll spend hours with your nose in, which isn’t a complaint.

I took this neat, if it sits in the glass for a while it’s perfectly okay on its own but I’d guess those of you who take ice will love this.

Nose. Mushed banana and tablet at first, red berries, golden syrup, touch of spirit but nothing offensive, some cut wet grass.

Palate. Banana bread, soft toffee, touch of wood, pear tatin? Maybe. Barely sweets? For sure.

Finish. Short and sweet.

Easy to drink, nothing offensive, if I saw this for between £25 and £30 I’d pick it up, I think anymore and it’s a bit expensive for what it is.

As an aside I’ve noticed this range being heavily promoted to be used in cocktails, in fact I’m pretty sure I’ve tried it in a cocktail but my mind is rather hazy on the subject as I’d, well, I’d be drinking cocktails, but for cocktails, again maybe a touch expensive, but would work well.

The Captain.


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