Hudson Woody as fuck edition, sorry Baby Bourbon 46%

Sometimes a spirit is a bit one dimension, one characteristic comes out and overwhelms everything else and this is a perfect example of this.

This a New York Bourbon using 100% New York Corn, the spirit is matured in tiny wee 2 gallon barrels any let me tell you, if you want an example of wood taking over and kicking every other nuance to death, this is your bourbon.

Oh and they play the whiskey music, because that’s a thing now. I think they do it because it agitates the casks etc etc, whatever.

I got a sample of this from a mate and it was also in my lovely Drink by the Dram Advent Calendar.

It’s 46%, a drop of water opens it up.

Nose. WOOD, LOTS OF WOOD, WOOD, Dusty old books and the WOOD cabinets they linger in, there is some clove here too, and a touch of vanilla sweetness but then there it is again WOOD, WOOD, WOOOOOOODDDDDD.

Palate. Dry as well, dry as wood, it’s like sucking on a bit of kindling (and we’ve all been there when there is nowt in the kitchen) clove and cardamon, burnt caramel, and then a touch more WOOD.

Finish. The clove and WOOD is real, medium length and actually really quite nice.

See, the things is, this is nice, it’s not an unpleasant spirit by any stretch of the imagination, it’s rich, full of flavour, albeit the one flavour, and is proper moreish, a 70cl bottle of this is between forty and fifty pounds which is a tad expensive but it’s so distinctive I actually think it’s worth having, maybe try and get it on offer somewhere, because it’s certainly not the run of the mill bourbon.

The Captain.


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