Compass Box Juveniles 46%

Ahhhh, I’m so far behind just now, work is taking it’s toil on me and I’ve just not had the time to properly write up my notes.

I’ve had the notes for this for a while and it’s probably pretty much sold out now being the way with Compass Box whiskies.

A sample was sent to me from Compass Box.

Juveniles is a wine bar come bistro in Paris and their owner is chummy with Compass Box legend John Glazer and here we are with a 46% natural colour etc etc whisky with a more reasonable price than the recently reviewed Stranger and Stranger, this will set you back £90ish, depending where you go.

As always with Compass Box there is easy access to the blend recipe which we should all be down with, I’ve seen a few people starting to criticise Compass Box for their price rises and rather disappointingly I’m seeing some of my fellow reviewers call anyone who dares to like Compass Box whiskies simple fanboys, come on now, let’s not be snide, it’s just not very dignified.

So we know we have Clynelish (hardly a surprise with Compass Box), Strathmill, Balmenach and Glendullan.

I thought this needed a drop of water and a good half an hour in the glass.

Nose. Lemon peel, sherbet, white hot chocolate, malty bed time drink, light hint of smoke, like someone vaping with a chocolate flavoured oil.

Palate. White chocolate cheesecake anyone? whipping cream with a touch of leather,  I tasted a bit of pepper, maybe a bay leaf but I’m probably on my own here, little bit of lime and then some cherry brandy.

Finish. Over a bit quick, sweet and a touch of dark fruity jam.

This is nice, as it should be for ninety quid, and it’s maybe not the most complex of drams either but it’s really pleasant, a light sipping dram which goes perfectly with some chocolate or a pipe, I dare say filthy cigar smokers would like this too.

The Captain.


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