Compass Box Stranger and Stranger 46%

This isn’t a blended whisky, it contains whiskies from the following


Glen Elgin


but, it also contains one year old grain Spirit seasoned in Compass Box’s experimental American Oak barrels, this spirit makes up 1% of the total blend which ain’t much, does it serve a purpose?


So this is a spirit drink, not a whisky, interesting, but why?

Is this more of a gimmick than a proper thing? Well, it’s “limited” to 4,802 bottles, it’s also ¬£150 which seems a lot for what this is, but then that’s the thing with whisky these days.

Anyway, a bit more about that 1%. This is what Compass Box call sacrificial spirit, the spirit was intended to season the wood and they go elsewhere but they decided the spirit was so good it was worth adding to the blend. Now, I’ve tried spirits from Bimber, Kingsbarns, Glasgow Distillery and Eden Mill, not New Make but six or nine month old spirits and all of them have had a real bite to them, not such alcohol but real flavour from the small barrels they’ve been placed in, personally I would see more “spirit drinks” on the shelves, I’d certainly see them over another five hundred bottles of gin being released every year, but that’s just me.

I received a sample of this from Compass Box.

I tasted this with a touch of water, they suggest ice or in an old fashioned.

It’s 46% un chill filtered and natural colour.

Nose. Oak wood at first, treacle tart with whipped cream, black berry jam, touch of something earthy in the background.

Palate. Sweetness, creamy mouthful, toffee apples, apple sauce, subtle oak notes, touch of that jam again.

Finish. Apples and oak. Long finish, possibly the best thing about it.

This is maybe a bit sweet for me, you would be surprised at how much 1% spirit drink comes through but it’s all over the place, much like this drink. It’s a decent spirit, it has quality throughout the blend but I don’t feel it really blends well, it’s certainly not a beginners whisky and it’s expensive but is it worth it?

Dunno, not for me but then I have my limits as we all do, is it worth trying? For sure and Compass Box fans will lap this up but I doubt it’s for the average drinker.

The Captain.



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