The Captain’s Aerstone hoos blend. 40%

I can’t be the only one who’s done this, can I? Aerstone 10 Year Old land and Sea casks hit the shelves a few months back, twenty quid for a bottle of 10 Year Old single malt, one peaty one not, I bought both, both were okay, decent for opening up the palate before hitting the more complex stuff and a reasonable starter whisky, anyway, guess what I did when I was half way down both bottles?

So, that was a few ago, both half bottles now gently merging, and we can find out if I’m getting a new and exciting whisky or if I’ve totally wasted everyone’s time, read on to find out.

Tried neat, 40%, there will be colouring added and it’s probably been chill filtered but frankly if you care about this in a bottle that cost less than a family bucket from KFC then you’ve got way too much time on your hands.

Nose. Smoky but not overbearing, their a sweetness, toffee apples, hazelnut, milky chocolate, the smokiness here lingers rather than punches, it creates a gentle smoky backnote of camp fires with a very slight hint of coal dust.

Palate. Very little peat here, the blend has dulled this somewhat from the original bottle, apple and pear, with some dark chocolate notes, then some peat, a little bit, more morning after the night before camp fire than roaring still lit fire.

Finish. Decent, medium length, aniseed, white pepper and pipe tobacco.

This blending game is a piece of piss, honestly, if any distillery is looking for someone hit me up.

On a more serious note, more people should give this a go, not just a Solera or infinity bottle where you’re just throwing stuff on top of stuff but proper blending, I have dozens of open bottles so I’ll be trying it again soon.

The Captain.


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