Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Reserva Rum Cask Finish 40%

I got a sample of this off a mate who’d been treated by his boss, lucky us.

First off I’m going to say anything over £100 should be over 40%, 21 Years Old or not and I’m always a little disappointed to see what will be for many the very limit of what they spend on whisky watered down to the minimum you’re allowed to go.

So here we are, a fancy box, a 21 Year Old age statement, yeah 40%, chill filtered? Probably, Natural colour? Doubt it. Rum Cask finished, but hey, this is a premium bottle for £115 which in the current climate of pricing is fantastic. But here’s the question, is the price being kept down by the 40% level costing the whisky its flavour? let’s find out.

This doesn’t need to water to calm it down but I found a drop of water helps bring out the best in it.

Nose. Brown sugar and apples slowly cooking in butter, orange blossom honey, some crystalised ginger, little bit of milky chocolate.

Palate. More rum here, lots of rum soaked raisins, malt loaf, hob nobs, vanilla spiced, sugar coated limes, some milky sweet coffee.

Finish. Long, oh so long, rum and raisin tablet and apple strudel.

This is very decent indeed as it should be, the few months this has spent in rum casks have changed a core Glenfiddich expression from pears and apples to buttery rum and raisin bread and butter pudding and Glenfiddich and Brian Kinsman should be applauded for it, but I left wondering what this could be if it was 46% and left alone, but then I suppose it wouldn’t be priced so low and might well be well out of my and my friend’s boss’ price range.

The Captain.


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