Grant’s Smoky 40%

Part of the new tarted up core range from Grant’s I’ve taken a while to get to this purely because of a backlog but here we are, so what do we have?

Well we’ve got Triple Wood apparently so three cask types used and we’ve been given a 40% under £20 smoky whisky which is young and punchy but worth finding or better off left on the shelve?

I picked this up from Morrisons although Waitrose appear to stock it as well.

I added a teaspoon of water to this but it doesn’t need very long in the glass.

Nose.  Treacle tart and heavily charred casks, young and hot at first it does settle with the added water, pears, apple sauce, Polytar shampoo, little bit of salt.

Palate. Bit harsh neat and the water softens the punch, black pepper and chilli before peat and charred barbecued ham, sweetness later with tinned mixed fruit in syrup, brazil nuts and hazelnuts in chocolate.

Finish. Touch of smoke, touch of chocolate then gone.

This is wee gem, it’s cracking to find something so cheap that’s so decent, yes it’s young, but it’s under twenty pounds, what do you want?

Grant’s are actually showing that you can make a cheap mass produced blend and still turn out something worth drinking, something many of their rivals could do with copying.

The Captain.



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