The Blended Whisky Company XL Blend 46.3%

Okay, I promise this is the last review of the year, next year I’ll be putting out one review per week and trying to be more structured but we’ll see.

Anyhoo, this is the XL blend from The Blended Whisky Company, all the blends are at least forty years old which is pretty old, you can head over to their website if you wish to read their marketing bumf, I was sent a sample of this dram by the company just to keep things clear.

This is old and delicate, I think it needs a touch of water, but I usually do, but per dram no more than a drop of water, a little goes a very long way. I also would recommend leaving this in the glass with the water for an hour to settle or open up or whatever you want to call it.

Nose. More fruit than I expected, raspberry, lemon curd, lemoncello, even more time allows the leather polish I almost always experience with old whisky, some honey and vanilla, musk and either smoke or just charred cask, I had this over a couple of evenings and couldn’t quite get there with that note.

Palate. Fruity, do you get smoked jams? This tastes like a smokey jam, maybe some absinthe aniseed certainly some pipe tobacco, touch of oak and some dark chocolate.

Finish. Long lasting, a waft of smoke over chocolate and honey coated biscuits.

This is a decent dram, it has lots going on and perhaps not for the novice but then this will retail for about £400 which is a fuck tonne of money for a bottle of whisky but again you’d struggle to find a single malt for anything like the price this will come out at and even single grains are pricey when you add this kind of age statement to them.

Worth it? I would never spend more than £250 on a bottle of whisky, that’s my personal limit for whisky so this puts me into a bit of a sticky position, it’s a statement whisky, it offers a lot but personally I wouldn’t buy it because I wouldn’t buy anything for that kind of money, if you do then yes it’s worth it and then some.

The Captain.


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