Sea Dog Spiced Rum, Aldi, 40%

Picked this up for £15 whilst throwing things into my trolley with gay abandon in the new Aldi at Shettleston which a magical place if anyone’s wondering.

I normally just buy Sailor Jerry, and will again, but picked this up to see what was what, I mean it’s 40% and cheap as chips and the core range of Aldi whiskies are all worth a punt so why wouldn’t this be?

I’m not nearly as confident reviewing rum as I am with other spirits but I think I did okay whilst getting to know this over a few evenings.

I tried this with Ginger Ale, worked okay, Irn Bru, not so much, lemonade and Lime, hit the spot and poured over ice with a slice of lime and that was decent too, the review though is on the basis of trying this with half a teaspoon of water.

Nose. Vanilla, of course, it wouldn’t be a below £20 spiced rum without it, mulled wine notes, lots of clove later on which is a bit much for me, brown sugar melting in butter, orange marmalade and some lemon bon bons.

Palate. It’s a young spirit for sure but there is enough happening to forgive any unwanted bite, oranges and brown sugar again, sweet black espresso coffee, wee bit of burnt sugar at the end.

Finish. Short, mulled wine, rum and raisin and easy drinking.

This is really rather nice, it’s a decent cheap mixer that goes well on its own, absolutely well worth a festive punt.

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The Captain.


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