The Costwolds Distillery Single Malt Whisky 46%

Many new distilleries are getting a reputation for themselves for ripping the absolute piss out of punters, punting out 3 Year Old whiskies or spirit drinks for hundreds of pounds in fancy boxes or just wanting bales of cash for just, you know, their bang average whisky.

It makes me fucking despair, they all know who they are and I’m not here to give them any more publicity so instead I’m going to look at a whisky from a company who think under fifty quid is fair, is it? Let’s see.

The Costwolds are probably more famous for their gins, they don’t market themselves as a whisky distillery but as a spirits distillery so gin for them isn’t a quick buck money maker whilst their whisky matures but as you all know I think all gin is a waste of time so I’m not going to comment further.

This young whisky is bottled at 46%, it’s produced using locally produced barely, floor malted if that’s your thing and this batch has been matured in first fill ex bourbon barrels and re conditioned red wine casks. Oh and it’s not chill filtered.

I have bought two bottles of this for the value price of £45, I think in the modern day whisky market that’s a bargain price, there is also a 60% version which I’ll try and get a hold of soon.

This whisky goes well enough neat but I think a drop of water brings out some lovely notes if left alone for ten minutes in the glass.

Nose. Orange honey bursts from the glass, candy cane and marzipan too, so sweet but with a Christmas vibe (yeah I said vibe, and?) charred barrel comes in later, hint of vanilla but not much, matures over time and we get some orange marmalade and some rum soaked pudding mix.

Palate. Not as sweet as the nose would suggest, there is some raw honey, mulled wine spice, clove, sweet ginger, more orange marmalade, every so slight touch of youthful punch but then a sense of tannin.

Finish. For such a young whisky this is indeed a long lasting and sweet finish.

Well, I am bowled over, after several disappointments from new distilleries I am delighted to finally sample something truly worth the money, Eden Mill are coming close to offering value for money but this is just excellent for what it is.

The youthful of the whisky isn’t much of an issue which shows what care and attention to cask management can produce.

This is well worth buying, it’s being released in batches, my batch is batch 3 if you’re interested.

The Captain.



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