Glen Moray Single Malt Whisky Port Cask Finish 40%

You can’t knock Glen Moray can you?

This is a single malt from Glen Moray for under thirty pounds, which ain’t much is it? How do they manage this witchcraft? Let’s have a look.

Well, I don’t think Glen Moray are under pressure from their parent company to produce lots of limited edition bottles for a start, they tend to slip under the radar of investors too so they probably have enough liquid to not have to start raising prices.

This feels reasonably young too, I’d guess between 8 and 10 years, perhaps some even a little younger.

This was sent to me by Glen Moray for use in cocktails but I’m not a huge cocktail maker although it did make a very decent Rob Roy and a slighter sweet Old fashioned.

It’s much better though with a touch of water to open things up and wants ten minutes in the glass before approaching.

Nose. Red wine notes at first, charred barrel and some toffee, little bit of vanilla, lots of blackberry jam and some over ripe strawberries.

Palate. A young whisky which takes the water well to settle it down, barely sweets, port and herb sauce, mulled wine.

Finish. Long for a young whisky, the mulled wine and port sauce notes are real.

This is decent, I’m going to experiment a bit with it in cooking although I’m thinking more that it will work really well helping to sear meat over the hot coals of my legendary barbecues.

Credit where it’s due here, this is a such a well priced bottle of whisky it’s hard to knock and in my opinion well worth a punt.

The Captain.

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