The Glenturret 10 Year Old 40%

After the impressive if perhaps a fiver too expensive Triple Wood from Glenturret here we are spending some time with my sample kindly sent to me from The Glenturret, how will I get on with this?

Straight from the off I’m disappointed by two things, first is the cost, £45 for a ten year old is pretty steep but the real let down is the 40% abv, if the Triple Wood is held together by the higher 43% will this struggle?

I wouldn’t add water to this although I suspect it would work with ice well, in the same way Naked Grouse very much does.

But I’m drinking this neat.

Nose. Cereal, all the cereal this slowly fades over twenty minutes to reveal some orange and lemon notes, a touch of aniseed, I think there’s some pineapple somewhere.

Absolutely no peat at all although that’s mentioned in the official notes not that anyone should pay any attention to those anyway.

Palate. Tastes older than a Ten Year old, decent casks for sure, Tannin feel, fig biscuit and blackberries fresh off the bush, quite earthy, dark fruits, damson jam, sloe berries.

Finish. Long actually, Star Anise, blackberry and damson.

This is above par for sure, it’s more expensive than say the Glenfiddich 15 bu that’s a proper mass produced whisky in far higher volumes so I think a comparison is maybe a touch harsh but what else can I compare it too? Oh yeah the Glenlivet 15 and it’s way better than that.

The 40% thing is annoying, I think that if this was a 43% or 46% it would be outstanding, they could stick this at 46% charge a few pounds more and people would be all over this.

All that said I hope I don’t put people off because it tastes fantastic and I’ll be buying a bottle in the new year to add to the collection for another time.

The Captain.


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