Glenturret Triple Wood 43%

This was a real surprise find for me. Glenturret was not really on my radar, I perhaps have pre judged it for being just a fancy bottle of Famous Grouse which isn’t what it once was and is sadly getting worse, this though, well.

I stumbled upon this at the recent Paisley Whisky Festival and was bowled over, I had just endured some pretty depressing whiskies so maybe it was just nice to taste something I really enjoyed or maybe there was more to this.

I must have been spaffing loads as Glenturret offered to send me a sample of this and the Ten Year Old so let’s dive in.

I think the Triple Wood is very decent on its own but a drop of water and some time in the glass really brings out its best side, the whisky itself is a non aged statement and comes from American Sherry, American Bourbon and European Sherry Casks, hence the name, and water softens the sherry and brings out the bourbon, in my opinion.

Nose. Lots of toffee apple and pear drop sweeties, vanilla and icing sugar, touch of strawberry jam and a gentle malt note.

Palate. A touch of spice, some ginger and white pepper at first but this settles, the toffee apple returns along with some drinking chocolate, orange essence, caramel sauce and then a touch of malt drink.

Finish. Only point this is let down somewhat, kinda quick but leaves a decent sweet and orange feel.

This is a little expensive at around the forty five pound mark and I’d age it between 8 and 12 years which for me warrants it having an age statement which would then justify the price, it’s at a decent 43% though which gets it another thumbs up as so many entry level whiskies are now 40%.

I enjoyed this, thanks to Glenturret for the sample, it’s worth giving this a try, even if it’s just a dram or two in a bar rather than a whole bottle.

The whisky is good but it’s a fiver too much.

The Captain.


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