Aldi Fine Champagne Cognac 2004 40%

I’ve been talking about this as well as drinking it over the last couple of days and I think people need to take a reality check when they are drinking this.

This is a forty pounds bottle of Cognac with an age statement, well one of those “vintage” statements, this therefore is cheap and I do wonder what people who dismiss this are thinking about.

Are they trying to be edgy or cool? I dunno, but if you’re expecting some high end Cognac for this sort of money you need to stop sniffing the fumes and maybe head over to Berry Bros and drop ten times the money.

Anyway. This is the second, I think, aged Cognac from Aldi, I certainly remember last year’s because it was outstanding, not just in terms of value but just outstanding, it came with a 2002 vintage age statement and was worth every penny, will this effort be better?

Better? No, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth reading on.

This 2004 is a little younger and perhaps not quite as excellent as the previous years’ release but it still has plenty happening regardless of cost and for the money it’s still an excellent bottle of booze.

When drinking cognac I like to pour into a large glass and let it warm in my hand or by the fire for half an hour, it’s not supposed to be hot but it’s certainly not supposed to be cold.

Nose. After some time in the glass to get some air into it I find some light cherry and vanilla pipe tobacco, chamomile tea, orange blossom honey, more vanilla and white chocolate the longer it stays in the glass.

Palate. A bit sweet, it’s let down here somewhat by that sweetness but that does fade, honey, sweet milky tea, caramel, suggestion of smoke, candyfloss and then some lemon sherbet.

Finish. Short and sweet.

So yeah, it’s a bit too sweet, somewhere along the line here I think they’ve taken a potentially very good Cognac and, because they wouldn’t sell a £200 bottle of Cognac, I can think of no one who would buy this from Aldi, and so the compromise has been to make this slightly lighter than it could have been, it perhaps lack depth and is thinner but it’s still a very reasonable drink and I no one should have any problems with this, not really.

Oh and Aldi suggest serving this neat over ice, don’t listen to them, listen to me.

The Captain.




  1. How condescending are you ! All I can say is there must have a major mistake at the bottling plant it awful stuff. Do not buy..


  2. I bought it on the 3rd of January for £20,Its almost undrinkable, I hoped to buy all they had at bargain price sadly it was too good to be true, not a patch on their VS Cognac


  3. I really enjoyed this very fine cognac, I was not lucky enough to get for 46 Euro
    I took a chance at whisky auction and paid 75 Euro, however I still think this was value for money
    on a 2004 fine champagne Cognac.

    I do have to agree not quite as good as the 2002 from last year. They do produce a fantastic 32 year
    brandy which is beautiful, but I’m sure the connoisseurs of the world will dislike it anyway because of
    the brand, amazing how many blind tests that Aldi win out on.


    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I have reviewed the Brandy too, really enjoyed it, I’ve tried cognac and brandy twice the price of these and honestly, I think Aldi do some very good spirits.


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