Aldi Napoleon Brandy 32 Year Old 40%

As part of their Christmas range Aldi have once again launched some seriously aged spirits for less than fifty notes.

How do you approach a 32 Year Old French Brandy? Well for a start you pour a glass, stick on a thirty minute bit of telly and gently warm the spirit in your hand and let the spirit settle.

As an aside I would use a Glencairn here but a proper brandy glass so your hand can help warm the spirit, I would suggest sticking a glass on a radiator for ten minutes to warm it up if you want to save time, don’t get it too hot though the vaper from heated brandy can be brutal.

Next? Take your time, there is no rush to drink this, a nice big glass of this takes me an hour.

This old brandy has been aged in oak casks, there may be caramel colour added although you’d have thought over thirty years in a cask would get you a pretty dark spirit, you are also allowed to add sugar, I doubt this has but I can’t be sure.

I was kindly sent a sample of this from Aldi.

Oh and it’s taken neat and certainly no ice.

Nose. Tannin rich, still cola, cocktail cherries, clove, molasses and some pipe tobacco.

Palate. This is where this really opens up. A thick and oily affair, Lots of spice here, clove, black pepper heat, some dark fruit jam, whipping cream, treacle tart, some heavily stewed apples with brown sugar, a lovely rich red wine note at the very end.

Finish. Warm and relaxing and lasts for an age, a gentle sweetness and white pepper infused oil coats the mouth and it’s braw.

This is a slow drinking brandy, a perfect after dinner treat, in fact I got to know this over a few evenings after dinner which is when this is best, by a fireplace with your feet up.

This, like all of these Christmas Specials from our favourite German retailers is a chance to try an aged spirit without hemorrhaging money, it’s not the most refined spirit in the world but it’s thirty pounds and a great alternative to whisky.

If this is sold out and you’re looking for a brandy you could do worse than the Aldi 5 Year Old XO which you can read about here.

The Captain.




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