Aerstone Sea Cask 40%

Part of two of looking at the budget 10 Year Old single malts from William Grant and Sons.

Part two sees us visit the coast for maturing, apparently, another ten year old single malt this time bringing us the dreaded words “smooth and easy”, sigh.

Smooth and easy bring to mind another two words, bland and boring or perhaps pointless and irrelevant, worrying indeed.

Plus, this is 40% and has colour added which seems to horrify many so things aren’t looking great.

That said William Grant and Sons don’t produce many poor whiskies and have a very experienced man at the helm of this project with the Glenfiddich Master Blender and Malt Master Brian Kinsman and have you ever had a dodgy Glenfiddich? No, of course you’ve not.

Again, water does nothing for this, at all. It’s all about being neat here but it does benefit from twenty minutes in the glass.

Nose. A cross between icing sugar and floral talcum powder, the wood influence is more prominent, some vanilla and honey from the casks perhaps and some malt drink.

Palate. It’s rather sweet, vanilla, icing sugar again (no talc thankfully), there’s some light oak and a touch of hazelnut, a final drop of hobnob dunked in sweet milky tea (Yeah, I’m having this.)

Finish. Woosh.

Again, like the Land Cask this is straight forward stuff, there is no wow factor here but then I don’t think it’s trying to do that, it’s trying to give people a steady drinkable bottle of whisky and I applaud the makers for that.

Would I buy this again? Well, I dunno, I imagine this will be on offer more often than not and maybe I’ll pick it up again in a couple of years to see where it’s headed but for the casual whisky drinker I think most would enjoy this.

The Captain.


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